We undertake site design mainly from scratch. Our goal is to create unique sites highlighting in every possible way its content and purpose. Colors that harmonize with the whole, simple and modern lines, beautiful fonts. We pay attention to every detail and we take care that the result is right, balanced and enchanting. There is no limitation on changes, as our goal is a result that fully represents each of our clients uniquely.

We build websites for several businesses with products or activities. We follow all new trends and we make sure our sites are functional, secure and reliable. We design and construct static sites for presentation of services and activities, dynamic sites with the ability to manage content by the customer and also Blogs for frequent renewal, modern, stylish and flexible. We also create high quality e-shops with constant support and improvements tailored to specific e-commerce categories. There is training in online order management and site control in real time.

Our sites are being hosted on servers with almost 100% reliability. Domain name registration in cooperation with an authorized company by the official hostmaster. The collaboration with our customers does not stop with the delivery of the finished website, but it continues for as long as it takes to properly exploit all the possibilities offered by the Internet.

Always keep updated

Continuous communication with our customers, immediate renewal of content, updating of programs and applications.

None of the sites we create, we think as “final”. They will never be. If not daily, very often, we come up with new sophisticated capabilities, program upgrades that improve the general experience the site visitor gets. We are interested in being constantly up to date in order to provide our customers with the possibility to always have their site upgraded.

Also, our customers enjoy the convenience of asking us to make changes to their site content with new photos, texts, products, prices, etc. We are always available to keep our sites fresh with any new data. Our friendly service and the immediate response to the demands of our associates is something that distinguishes us.